MRS Spring Meeting 2015

MRS Spring Meeting 2015

KP Technology, the specialists in macroscopic work function measurement, will be exhibiting on 6th - 10th April 2015 at Booth 303.

If your research interests include work function measurements or surface photovoltage spectroscopy (SPV/SPS) please come along for a demonstration. We will also be exhibiting our new, recently patented, Air Pressure Photoemission Spectroscopy system (APS) for absolute work function determination.

KP Technology has a well-established track record of providing high-resolution work function measurement equipment for surface analysis in ambient, controlled gas, high and ultra-high vacuum, with over 60 client publications in 2013. Applications include organic photovoltaics, perovskite solar cells, graphene and semiconductors.

I look forward to meeting you.

Prof. Iain D. Baikie CEO