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KP Technology Ltd was founded with the aim of bringing to the market new surface research tools. These tools have been designed to allow specialists to investigate surface phenomena, provided equipment pathways for non-specialists and educated scientists, engineers and technologists in the capabilities of these emerging technologies.

Since inception in 2000, KP Technology Ltd has experienced rapid growth and now services over 300 companies and research institutes worldwide in their materials research and characterisation requirements. Our Scottish-based team consists of electronic and software engineers, materials research associates, training, sales and administrative staff.

Today, KP Technology Ltd is the largest kelvin probe manufacturer in the world. Organisations worldwide benefit every day from the research and products from that KP Technology Ltd creates; from Medical Research to Solar Panels. The company's R&D efforts are focused on bringing new patentable technologies to market for research institutions.

We believe inspiring the next generation of scientists is fundamental to long-term business as well as society. This is why expend large amount of energy and time in helping to organise our local science festival.

We actively promote our unique, self-lead research lab ethos. We go beyond singular subject areas and try to amalgamate seemingly disparate research areas. This creates a pioneering environment that we’re proud off.

Our Product Promise

The Best Customer Support

Customer support from the inventors of the Air Photoemission technique and scientists who have over 35 years of experience in the field

Astounding Signal to Noise Ratio

Using the off-null method, we offer signal detection unparalleled to anything else on the market.

Tools for World Class Science

Our systems are designed with the user in mind. Control every aspect of the Kelvin Probe from a desktop interface.

Quick Results

Take a single point measurement in seconds and a scan in minutes.

User Orientated Approach

Our systems are designed with the user in mind. Control every aspect of the Kelvin Probe from a desktop interface.

Easy Set-Up

Our systems are rigorously tested to ensure they meet our high standards. All fit on a desk without the need for any additional specialist equipment.

Exportable Data

We make it easy to export, share and graph data.

Video Tutorials

Simple, and explanatory videos outlining simple maintenance, such as tip changes and initiating scans.

and more...

Our aim is to educate and inspire the next generation of scientists through the Caithness International Science Festival.
We regularly invite students to undertake funded placements and actively support the Women in Science program.
We actively publish our own research, in addition to publications featuring our systems, and regularly attend world leading conferences.
With sales offices in both America and the United Kingdom and employees from all around the world, we are a truly international company. In recognition of this, we were honoured to have received the Queen's Award for International Trade.
We actively monitor publications which feature our systems and now have a searchable database with over 200 entries.
We endeavour to assist our local community by donating money for textbooks at the local schools. We also hold talk at the local heritage centre and support other community based groups, charities and projects.

Our Awards