"This instrument is immensely useful"

Prof. David Ginley, Principal Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden Colorado

“We greatly appreciate KP Technology prompt and reliable service. Many thanks for your excellent support and input into getting the system running”

Agnieszka Kooijman Technical University Delft, The Netherlands

“I am very happy to be working with your kelvin probe station, my co-workers are already seduced as well. I would like to commend an outstanding job helping us throughout our initial installation and troubleshooting”

Dr Balthazar Lechene UC Berkeley

“The Kelvin Probe system from KP technology functions as the corner-stone for us to investigate the workfunction of our organic/inorganic materials which subsequently influence performances of the optoelectronic devices. The team members learn a lot from the comprehensive support of KP technology on using the system and analyze the data.”

Prof Wallace Choy, Hong Kong University

"I have been working the KP Technology Kelvin Probe and I have become quite comfortable with it. It is an excellent device and exquisitely sensitive."

Prof. Andrew Ahn, Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, USA

"I am still amazed at how much better the KP Technology probe performs compared with the other systems we've had in the lab, easily 20 times better."

Dr. Roel van der Krol, Delft University, The Netherlands

"An excellent SKP system: we most appreciate your helpful support and explanations"

Prof. D.J Wang, Department of Chemistry, Jilin University, China

"The KP Technology SKP is a very reliable instrument. I have not had any problems since I got it in 2000. I am very satisfied with its performance."

Prof. Dongyang Li, Department of Materials and Chemical Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada

"The customer service is definitely very positive: responsive, courteous, and knowledgeable is how I would describe Iain and his company."

Darin Laird, Senior Scientist and Materials Research Team Leader,Plextronics Inc, Pittsburgh, USA

"Everything has worked perfectly and I am very happy with the system"

Prof. Marshall Porterfield, Purdue University, USA

"The Kelvin Probe that you developed is wonderful because of the height regulation feature which other systems do not have. We have another company's Kelvin Probe: the KP Technology System is better in sensitivity, ease of use and customer service."

Dr. Shinjiro Yagyu, National Institute for Materials Science, Ibaraki, Japan

"The KP Technology system was very attractive and very well packed. We have installed the Kelvin Probe successfully in the humidity chamber and it runs without any problem at all humidity levels. The signal is very stable."

Dr. Antonius de Rooij, Head of Materials Mechanics and Processes Section, European Space Agency, The Netherlands

"...thank you for your time and expertise as they have proven invaluable."

A.J. Cooper, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Virginia Molecular Electronics Group, Electrical and Computer Engineering, USA

"We found that the KP Technology Kelvin probe is a well engineered instrument with a clever design. Most of all, we are very happy with the excellent support that we have been experiencing"

Dr H.J. Richter, Seagate Research Labs, USA